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Brian Repko

Brian RepkoBrian is a hands-on Java software engineer/architect, Agile coach and mentor. I am a passionate technologist with over 25 years experience, most at the project lead or architect level. I strive to be both of service to my clients and an encouraging influence on teams - with a focus on value for the client and growth through training and mentoring for both technical and non-technical team members.

Current CV (on A4 size paper) can be found in both PDF format or MS Word format.


I am currently only interested in work in Switzerland. Please feel free to contact me in those regards.


LearnThinkCode was a Minnesota S-Corporation which is Brian as an independent contractor (corp-to-corp).

The name comes from my love of learning, teaching, designing, visioning and implementing - all towards finding the right thing to do and making sure that it happens (my definition of leadership).


I'm a big proponent of emergent or "just-in-time" architecture. I believe that architecture requirements are discovered in conjunction with functional requirements. That being said, just as there are common functionalities (login / logout), there are lots of common architecture concerns that can be decided as the project progresses. I love helping clients collect and understand the advantages and disadvantages to architecture choices as well as the technical debt incurred in deciding when those choices need to be made.


I'm not a Scrum, XP, Kanban or Lean guy - I steal from them all. My background in writing shop floor scheduling systems tends to give me a "throughput" and "quality" slant to running projects. I'm a big believer in the shu-ha-ri concept of coaching agile but also try to meet each team and team member where they are at and add value to that situation. I have particular interests around project initiation, quality (with testing being "provable quality") and community building around a solution.

Publications / Presentations

Jun 2008
Twin Cities Java Users Group
TDD Beyond JUnit / JBehave
Apr-May 2010
Twin Cities Java Users Group
Milwaukee Java Users Group
Madison Java Users Group
FIT and JBehave - Good, Bad and Ugly
Sep 2010
Practical Agility
presentation (SlideShare)
Introduction and Strategies for Effective ATDD
Nov 2011
Agile Days Twin Cities
presentation (SlideShare)
Jan 2012
CODE Freeze 2012
presentation (SlideShare)
CFEngine 3
Jan 2012
CODE Freeze 2012
presentation (SlideShare)

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